Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Addiction To Drugs Is Nothing To Smile About

A few days ago I posted about our sons spiral back into his addiction. The madness and nightmare have returned. When we first took him to Huntington, WV last summer the day after he was there he talked to me about the demons in his head. He spoke that they were real and they were winning.

Because of that conversation I now know he needed a dual diagnostic facility to treat his addiction. I cannot remember everything he tested positive for in his system the night we took him. Who knows what he has experimented with over the past thirteen years.

He admitted to his ex-girlfriend that in early December he smoke Spice or K-12, she tells me. I believe then is when his addiction first started speaking to him again. His addiction won yet again. The material I have been reading in the past week relating to addiction, mental illness, substance abuse disorders all say the same, that there is a link.

The substances such as the Spice and K-12 are now illegal in this country. Illegal doesn't mean anything. People can still find them. They are everywhere in your town and especially at many local shops.

From the information, I have read this week I have a better understanding now about words such as dual addictions, synthetic materials used in substances used to cut illegal drugs. BTW these synthetic substances such as bath salts are unregulated and composed of unknown chemical formulations, these designer drugs can be lethal.

Some of the serious side effects include hallucinations, aggression, suicidal thoughts, psychotic delusions, liver failure, kidney failure, loss of bowel control and death. As I was reading material and information on the new designer drugs as well as a page about what is being added to street drugs these days I couldn't help thinking how closely this resembles the years of alcohol prohibition in this country. Most of us are too young to remember any of that. When the government banned alcohol and alcohol consumption as a means of controlling the people, how well did that actually work?

How many horror stories do we read about the days of the bathtub gin? Doesn't this sound like a close comparison? Especially when reading about those cooking and producing these synthetic materials.

As I have learned from the ex-girlfriend did not even show up on a drug screen done on our son back in December. I am learning from our experience if they live this is forever. If they die then they are just a statistic of the most horrible nightmare you will never wake up from.

Was this the slow descent back into madness and back into our son's addiction? Has it been there all of this time just lurking? I have no answers. A question I can answer from a reader who asked, who is immune? No one is immune. One day they are out chasing Pokémon and the next thing you know they are chasing their next fix; the dragon. The demons of addiction my friends, they are real!

Bath Salts and Smiles
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