Thursday, March 9, 2017

Are They Telling Us The Real Story About Marijuana X?

West Virginia lawmakers are currently considering medical marijuana. WV Bill 640 Personally, I have tried looking at this as it could possibly help those with diseases and due to the fight over addiction here and the need for a treatment center and those who judge I have tried looking at the debate from that side.

At the same time, I can't help looking at the other states where it is legal to see the positives and negatives from their experience. The two videos here tell us what has happened in Colorado since legalization.

Marijuana is no longer the old school smoke people once knew from back in the day. It is not the Cheech and Chong version from the movies we laughed at. In fact, marijuana is now being genetically altered. People are not smoking the true plant. They are smoking a synthetic version of it.

Did you know that the US Government now holds the patent on marijuana? Is that what the US War on Drugs has been about all of these years?

Steered Straight Media who produced this documentary says, "It's just not marijuana anymore! Weed is being commercialized. It is being genetically modified and chemically altered on a commercial basis. The very nature of these changes should infuriate the very naturalist legalizers that have led the legalize movement. Butane Hash Oil, edibles, and concentrates are all products that contradict the natural argument. The "It's just Weed" slogan no longer applies. THIS is not your Grandfather's Pot!"

Will we suffer the same problems as in Colorado if they do in fact make it legal? Will we be worse off if it is legalized? Are you For or Against legalized marijuana?
Your thoughts on this?
What is the real deal about US patent #6630507 ?
Since cannabis sativa (marijuana) contains compounds recognized and endorsed by an agency of the U.S. government- Why is it that marijuana remains on the Federal Schedule One list of drugs? The issuance of patent #6630507 is a direct contradiction of the government's own definition for classification of a Schedule 1 drug.      
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