Friday, March 10, 2017

There Are Two Sides Of The Addiction...

There is the side of the user and the addiction and then there is the side of the family and/or those that love someone addicted.

There are many well meaning people out there ready to give advice to me. But... We set on opposite sides of the addiction. They have on occasion told me that I use the wrong words.

I really don't know how some can really tell me how I should or should not be feeling at the moment  or tell me what I should say or not that has never set on my side of the addiction- that is loving an addict.

The same as you say I cannot say to the addicted that this is how you should be feeling or what you should be saying at the moment or these are the words you should be using.

When I'm mad as hell at something and then have someone who has never sat on this side of the addiction say that I shouldn't have said this or that... how would they really know?
They've never been on my side, as I have never been on their side. If they only knew what was in my head that I have to contain...

We live in opposite houses of the addiction.
We don't walk in each others shoes.

This is just my opinion of course!
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