Friday, March 10, 2017

Where Are They Now?

For the past several months I have been wondering, where are all of those politicians who last year at this time came out to support us on the issue of the need for this treatment center here in Martinsburg, WV or in Berkeley County?

With the elections over they have all went away, meanwhile our issues have not stopped. We saw the numbers for the overdoses rise after the election was over. We saw the numbers of those dying from this addiction rise.

Where are they? Where are all of them who came out crawling for votes? Were your promises to us just a myth to get those votes of support?

We had those who came out and said they supported us, then we had those who came out and just said, "I stand with you." Stand with us? Why? Just to show you can show up for an anti heroin event?

We aren't looking for those who just want their five minutes of fame from a picture in the newspaper, or a clip for the local nightly news. We want to see you in action. Where are the promises? You told us how important a treatment center here is, yet we see nothing in the way of progressing forward.

Hello... All of the phone calls and emails have stopped now that the election is over. Where are you now?

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