Monday, March 20, 2017

THEME REVEAL: Addiction, Recovery, Hope

Today is the big day of the big Theme Reveal Day in which we uncover what our posts for the month of April.

Now, the first year I participated I posted this challenge without a theme. The next year, I chose a theme. I found it much easier to stick to one content.

I guess it is no big secret to those who read here what my theme is, huh? Can I get a drumroll anyway?.... So...

My theme for the month of April will be.....

Addiction, Recovery, Hope and Those Making A Difference in my Community in this fight against the disease of addiction and those helping those actively using find treatment and help.

My goal for the blogging challenge is to bring more awareness. Awareness of the help, the nonprofits here who help and the organizations here in Martinsburg that can help you if you are suffering or help for the families of those who struggle with addiction.

You may find a few posts during the month of April shocking and hard to read. To those of us who live this every day it is very real.

I want you to know You Are Not Alone.

There is Hope. There is Help!

People do recover from this and go on to lead better lives!

Many of my posts are specific to heroin. Sorry, but that was the drug that my son chose. Not just one son, I have two other sons who have addiction problems. One son chooses alcohol; another chooses pill's and is likely to be using heroin. Who knows? I can relate to heroin as it pummeled my family into an unknown abyss for thirteen years.

Thank you for dropping by and reading!

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  1. Wow, this sounds like a really powerful theme. So powerful that I feel like anything I say will be hopelessly inadequate. Hopefully you'll succeed in raising awareness and helping others who need it.

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    1. Hi Sara Thanks for stopping by to read. I wouldn't consider your thoughts inadequate. You have a very interesting theme! I just stopped by to read more. :) Your choice of theme is something I am very interested in. Can't wait to read more during the challenge!

  2. I am always up for hearing more experiences about recovery. I'm so glad you're doing this.

    I'll be posting about gratitude.

  3. This is an important topic that is highly relevant now. Hope your April series has some impact where it is needed most. And it's something of which we all need to be made aware.

    I wish you well in April.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out