Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Recovering heroin addict: "They call Martinsburg 'Little Baltimore'"...

Many of us here in Martinsburg and Berkeley County have expressed the need for a long-term, dual diagnostic drug treatment center here in Berkeley County and/or Martinsburg, WV especially when it was announced the same year as this video came out about the building at 750 Baltimore St.

I believe after the statement on this video by officials here, there was never any intention whatsoever for the building at 750 Baltimore St
ever becoming a drug treatment center. They needed something to use as a backup and/or damage control after making such a statement.

We who are affected by this say we need all of the pillars of treatment here if we will ever be able to get a control on those who may try heroin for the first time today, those who suffer from this disease, the growing numbers of overdoses daily, and the growing number of those who are dying here. What are the pillars?

Supply Reduction
Coordinated Early Intervention 
Residential Inpatient Rehabilitation
Outpatient Treatment/Intensive Outpatient Treatment
Medically Managed Detox

So, in case we are still wondering why our city and county politicians/Godfathers do not see the need for one here.

This report is from October 26, 1015. A real eye-opening view of exactly why our local politicians feel we don't need a treatment center then and the reason why we have no treatment facility options here in Martinsburg or Berkeley County made by, Ruth Phillips Associate Deputy Director of Washington-Baltimore HIDTA says this in response to our heroin epidemic here in Berkeley County. Berkeley County officials say,

"If they even admit that it's a problem in the area, their response is, Well, we don't need treatment programs here. We need those people to go elsewhere for their treatment."

Thanks to a reader who sent me this video link. I guess we have our answer about why they don't want a treatment center here. They said, "We need those people to go elsewhere for their treatment." Now I have questions like, was this statement made before or after the proposal of 750 Baltimore St? Did this county need to show something was on the table before the grants for HIDTA? So, what better way to say, oh we are working on that. Now I'm wondering will they continue to get grants because they can show they are working on invisible things because as we know we still don't have any realities here! Just wondering....

It's beginning to sound like a soap opera playing out right here in Martinsburg/Berkeley County with our own, Search For Tomorrow... maybe they think tomorrow we will all forget. Maybe they think that tomorrow everything will change. 

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  1. Sounds like it's time to turn the lot of them out of office- let them go somewhere else. If it helps, let them know that people across the nation think they are being a-holes. If they want proof of that, give me an e-mail address or two.

  2. Hi CW- We had our city and county elections several months ago. That's the funny thing about small town America.