Monday, March 6, 2017

Up For Discussion: Do We Need A Treatment Center Here?

I am sitting here scratching my head thinking, what did they think would happen when they cut out the legal dealers (physicians) in the opioid addiction scheme? Cutting them out is but one step in the process. You can't cut the top people out and leave those with
addiction problems hanging by a life line thinking it is the end of the problem. The recent rise here in heroin-related overdoses and deaths only proves that. If left to nothing, it will get worse.

When they set out to cut the doctors from the pharma payrolls, did they think this epidemic would just stop? Or would just go away.

Then, in my opinion, they really don't know anything about this addiction and it seems to many of us that they refuse to listen to the voices who want to guide them. If that isn't it, then what is the problem?

In West Virginia, the Attorney General has gone after the large pharma companies responsible for our opioid problem with large class action lawsuits. He is recently going after the physicians who over prescribed these medications. Yes, all that is great except now doctors are not prescribing those medications and in fact, they are taking prescriptions away from those already addicted to the pills.

What does this mean?

Those with addiction problems will go to the next best cheapest thing, heroin which is happening right now here in Berkeley County with the recent rise in our overdoses as well as the deaths occurring. Heroin is cheaper and easier to find on the streets.

According to my chatterbox scanner, I am hearing overdoses and often two overdoses at the same address at the same time occurring more frequently as early as 4:24 this morning.

West Virginia State lawmakers just recently passed a bill making higher consequences for those are trafficking heroin, pills, drugs of all forms into the state.

Monies from those seizures need to be put to good use; first by providing treatment facilities in the places they are much needed like right here in Berkeley County to provide for the needs of those addicted.

The state already receives funding and grants from the federal government to continue the "War on Drugs" it is time to start putting the excess from the seizures back into the state to provide treatment centers in areas just like ours.

Berkeley, Jefferson, and Morgan Counties are the only three counties in this state that you actually have to leave West Virginia to visit West Virginia. With our numbers of overdoses and overdose deaths rising here it is about time we were not forgotten any longer.

When I talk to those who have been on Methadone and/or Suboxone for two years, it is time to take a look at those types of programs and clinics. Neither of those two meds is meant to be used that long term. So why are they?
Methadone and Suboxone can both be easily obtained on the streets of Martinsburg as well as within the regional jail systems. This makes it convenient for those abusing to continue in their addiction and often combining.

Former U.S. Attorney William Ihlenfeld told lawmakers, "West Virginia needs to do a better job collecting overdose data and establish a centralized office to develop strategies for combating the state’s drug abuse crisis.." in an article by the Wheeling News-Register

Interstate 81 has already been dubbed the Heroin Highway as heroin flows in and out of our county. We say, yes it is important for our law enforcement to be part of the HIDTA program. This problem, however, is too great to arrest our way out of. The lessons of the past don't serve us well. I guess until they understand what is meant by "HELP INSTEAD OF HANDCUFFS" we will continue on this same trend with more and more people using each day, more overdoses and more deaths related to heroin and opioid addiction.

The need for a treatment center is in the growing numbers. None of these numbers lie.
  • The growing number of heroin and opiate addiction overdoses per day.
  • The number of deaths related to heroin and opiate abuse.
  • The number of crimes here associated with heroin and opiate addiction relating to drug sickness
  • The growing numbers of those addicted to heroin and opiates. Those who may try heroin for the first time... today!
  • The number of children of those addicted to heroin and opiates
  • The growing number of babies being born into this epidemic by mother abusing and addicted to heroin and opiates
A treatment center here would provide those with addiction problems the chance and opportunity to get clean and free of their addiction. A treatment facility with the capability of treating with dual diagnostics; not only the addiction but mental illness that often goes along with substance abuse. A treatment center here that could provide for the long-term care of an addiction with continued care after initial treatment in outpatient programs. What is the problem that they cannot see? What positive outcome can we have with nothing here in this area providing treatment for those with addiction problems?

Just where are all of those politicians who crawl back to these three counties every election process making promises, coming to our events, saying they are on our side? Where are those who stood by us last year before the election? Where are those who said they stand by us? Were you just really standing with us for the attention until elected? Where are you now on this issue?

I am wondering what your opinion is relating to the debate over whether or not we need a treatment center here?

If you are against a treatment center here I am interested in hearing from you also. What is the main reason you are against it?

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