Friday, March 17, 2017

Challenge Myself: Day #215 Go Horseback Riding

Today is Day #215 of the Just For Today Challenge. I am also integrating the Live Happy into my daily Challenge. The Live Happy Challenge for today says to go horseback riding.

The book says,

Just imagine bundling up in a sweater and scarf on a chilly spring or fall morning and riding horseback along a beach past crashing waves or through a leafy forest glade, replete with dew-laden spider webs and small critters scurrying out of your path. The world looks and feels different from the back of a horse.

Horseback riding seems to heighten your senses of sight, smell, and touch. Riding at full gallop requires you to use those thigh muscles, and your feet and hands to stay in the saddle. Mounting anddismounting also can provide a little workout. But the joy you feel seated atop a horse and observing the world awakening is a bonus for exercising by riding horseback.

When I was younger my grandad had ponies we rode. My aunt used to have horses. It has been a very long time since I rode a horse. It was peaceful just to ride listening to the sounds of mother nature all around me.

Just For Today: Monday is the first day of spring. I can't wait for warmer days.

From the book: Live Happy

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