Saturday, March 11, 2017

Medical Marijuana Bill Shot Down in WV

There is a story out today, Medical Marijuana Bill Shot Down in WV. People across the state I'm sure will be losing their minds when the story reads,

"The amendment called for re-classifying marijuana in state guidelines as a Schedule IV drug: a non-narcotic drug with low potential for abuse. “It allows for the prescription of medical cannabis,” he said.
Currently, both state and federal law classify marijuana Schedule I drug, a category that also includes drugs such as heroin."
You may remember from my post the other day called, Marijuana X: It's not your old school pot that I mentioned that the US Gov holds the patent on Marijuana and that the DEA still has it classified as a Schedule One drug.
Now, this statement made by Delegate Shawn Fluharty D-Ohio has me really scratching my head.
“It’s a shame that legislators are putting politics above the health of our residents,” Fluharty said after voting against the amendment, co-sponsored by Delegate Isaac Sponaugle, D-Pendleton.
“This amendment would have allowed doctors to be doctors, and prescribe medicinal cannabis if they thought it was proper for their patients,” Fluharty said.
All they are asking is that the DEA change the scheduling of cannabis. This statement is the kind that has some of us wondering what this is really about. Wasn't it the huge pharma, politicians, and doctors made the most money off of the opioid crisis in this country for many years? 
Would the change of the scheduling of cannabis mean that the DEA cannot make huge profits off of marijuana seizures in this country in the states who have not legalized?
Who stands to lose the most profits in a reclassification of cannabis? 

Everyone thinks that this bill would have allowed for citizens to grow it in their yards. I'm not so sure. The State of Maryland is asking for "legal growers" to apply for jobs. Remember the US holds the patent on it. They will tell you what can and cannot be grown and where, when and how.

People are still being arrested in WV on marijuana charges when it years ago was said to be a misdemeanor offense to be in possession. Why do they continue to fill our regional jails up with those misdemeanors? 

If you are wondering why they won't reclassify pot, read the link to Here is why the DEA will not reclassify marijuana..

Sorry folks! I keep saying that there will always be a Catch-22. Many thanks to those in office in WV who see things for what they are and ask more questions. We of those affected by this opioid and heroin epidemic need some clarification on exactly what this bill is? Many of us can only look at the future generations of West Virginia. We've already seen what this heroin epidemic has done to families. West Virginia doesn't need a flawed bill on top of the opioid problem.
Story by: Wheeling-News Register
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