Friday, March 3, 2017

Just Announced: The Sell of the Site of Proposed Treatment Center

Funny how things work huh? So, the petition we have started growing interest again over the past week. Today the news is saying the site at 750 Baltimore St. in Martinsburg, WV which was proposed to be the site of a drug treatment center here in our town is now being sold.

I wonder, did they set in chambers and think that it they sold the building then we'd change our minds?

Did they think we minions would back down and go away quietly? Defeated? If they did then I hate to inform them that a few keystrokes later and the words 750 Baltimore St is removed from the wording of the petition to now state, WE NEED A DRUG TREATMENT CENTER HERE.

How many more people must die struggling with this addiction before they take notice? How much higher do the numbers have to grow for the total of overdose calls to 9-11 before they take notice?

This has been going on for too many years and just one is too many. Every life matters in this epidemic!

Folks, I guess this means once again occupying the chamber meetings to make our presence known.


Berkeley County Moves to Sell 750 Baltimore St

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