Sunday, March 5, 2017

Heroin: Stretching From Mexico To Martinsburg, WV

Who can remember when Aljazeera Magazine came here to Martinsburg to do a story on our heroin epidemic in 2015?

"Over the past month my team and I have followed the heroin corridor from colorful poppy fields in the remote mountains of southern Mexico to Martinsburg, West Virginia - one small American town ravaged by addiction and overdoses...."
 Personally and I am trying not to get too political here but we know the drug war has went on for way too long. No one is winning. Too many have lost their lives as this war has continued for decades now. IF this is the reason our government wants to shut down our borders right now, by all means CLOSE IT DOWN!!!!!

If this is the reason why our government needs to go strong against street gangs by all means use whatever is necessary! Too many here are dying as we speak. If you are old enough to remember the mafia street gangs and violence, our government did what was needed at the moment with indictments and prison time. Did it stop the mob syndicates? I don't believe it entirely rid our country of them. I believe there is an underworld where they still exist today. I believe the street gangs all over the US are now the soldiers in this war.

What would be the #1 thing to profit from on both sides? Drugs in this country. Someone is controlling the borders. Someone is controlling the water ways and ports into and out of this country. Who stands to lose the most, should this problem go away?

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