Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Exercise Your Way to a Happier You

Well the challenges in the section of Promoting Happiness in your workplace have come to an end. Did you learn something them? Have your tried any of the suggestions at your workplace?

The next set of challenges in the book are about exercising our way to happiness. There is a saying that when you feel healthy, you are happier. I have found that to be true.

I know personally the stresses I deal with as the parent of an addiction.  We often forget to take care of ourselves. We eat the wrong things and we don't always exercise. None of us get enough rest.

I peeked at many of the challenges ahead. I can't wait to share them with you. Many of them are simple ways to becoming healthy. Part of staying healthy is eating healthier too.

For me we are trying to get away from packaged and boxed meals. They are simple to have on hand when you don't get home until five or six in the evening, but they aren't really good for you.

I am trying to stay away from artificial preservatives and flavor and seek those all natural flavors by preparing dishes from scratch.

Artificial sugar was never good. It didn't even taste good. There are way too many in our foods today with the added fructose and sucrose. It is in everything we eat these days.

I look for organic and non GMO when I can because of the GMO warnings that came out a few years ago.

We want to get back to the gym. We belong to a local gym, pay the dues and haven't been there in over a year. The hubby and I are setting a date to go back to the gym.

I have learned that no one takes care of me but me. Hopefully I can find something new in the next section to live by.

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