Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Politics of Addiction: Martinsburg Zoning Appeals Grants

Mr. James Boyd of Martinsburg who advocates for change with his message of #staystopped here in Martinsburg, WV and in Berkeley County is one of our strongest voices in this fight between our city and county leaders and those of us who say, We need a treatment here.

Thank you, Mr. Boyd, for always looking out for those suffering this addiction and for the families still struggling here in the panhandle. We who live here know that the detox is an important step in recovery.

We are concerned because there are only 144 beds in the state available each day at recovery centers statewide with a window of only a few hours to fill the bed. This detox will help, but after detox, a small window is opened to get them to a program. Three things can only happen:

A person will either go out on the street to repeat the cycle
If they are lucky a bed somewhere will open for them in a 30 Day Program, or they will die to wait on a bed to become available to them.
We have to stop treating this as a lottery system here. All Lives Matter in this suffering. The support for a treatment center here in Berkeley County continues growing. Thank you! And Thank you for sharing this petition.

For many of us, this town's leaders are acting very confused about this issue. They have granted approval for the stripper pole clubs to open back up in operation, yet refuse to look at the whole picture that those stripper clubs are the problem in this epidemic.

Meanwhile in this town, the overdose numbers continue growing and the number of those losing the battle with this addiction continue growing.

Info From The Journal-Martinsburg

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