Sunday, March 19, 2017

(Book) The First 30 Days to Serenity: Essential Guide to Staying Sober

This book was suggested by a reader of my blog. I added it to my list.

Find out why this inspiring, dynamic and thought provoking book about Super Star's journey through addiction and into recovery comes highly recommended by professionals in the field of addiction! This is a great read for anyone interested in gaining insight into an addiction for the one with an addiction, for the family or loved ones, for anyone who would like to educate themselves about addiction from the perspective of one walking along the path. For the addict, the first 30 days are a roller coaster of despair, cravings, and emotions that addicts have either never had to deal with or have previously chosen to ignore. 

Maintaining sobriety during this time is often on a day-to-day, hour-by-hour, or second-to-second basis. To find success with sobriety, a person needs to have tools to deal with life from a new and unique perspective. As the relapse statistics indicate, it can be very scary as well as overwhelming to stay sober during this time of recovery. But what about the friends or family member of the addict? The ones that are watching their loved one struggle with the disease. How are they feeling? What is healthy for them to do or not do? How should they handle the difficult situations that arise? 

This book provides insight for the family member or loved one into the inner thoughts of an addict; both during active addiction and in early recovery. This is an opportunity to better understand that addiction isn't just about using the drug; its about so much more. Addiction is a thinking disease and this book appropriately exposes how stinkin thinkin is at the core of every addiction! 

While there are many successful books on the market about addiction, The First 30 Days to Serenity: The Essential Guide to Staying Sober is the first actual day-by-day account of staying sober through the first 30 days of recovery, including the thoughts, feelings, conversations, events, stress, tears, family friction, despair and drama of each of those 30 days from the lens of an addict. 

The story chronicles rock bottom experiences, daily journals from my first 30 days in recovery followed by a stinkin thinkin and sober thinkin reflection one year later. The reflections are important because they allow the reader to witness the amount of personal growth that can happen during the first year of sobriety when someone works a recovery program. The reflections identify when the thinking was improper and dangerous, which we call Stinkin thinkin , and when they were healthy and useful, which we call Sober thinkin . 

This book is a tool to answering such questions as Should I be feeling this way on day 1? Am I crazy for thinking such a thought on day 18? How should I handle this situation on day 29? The readers experiences may not be the same as mine were, but there will be similarities that will allow an opportunity to gain insight through another's story. 

This book lets readers know that what they are going through or a loved one is going through are very much part of the recovery process. The experiences shared will allow the reader a deeper understanding into the thought process associated with addiction providing opportunities to gain insight into how to handle situations in a way that support recovery or support someone else in early recovery. 

By giving the reader real-life scenarios to associate with from someone who has been there, it shows that they too can find success in sobriety and be whoever they've always wanted to be even a Rock Star or Super Star. This book was written for anyone who thinks it might be worth getting high just one more time or who thinks life could not get any worse from using. The road to SERENITY through SOBRIETY starts right now!

This book is available on Amazon for Kindle and in Paperback but as always will be checking local bookstores to see about its availability. 

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