Wednesday, February 22, 2017

(Book) The Addicts' Mom: A Survival Guide

I haven't suggested any book reading for about a month now. I didn't forget and I didn't give up searching for material. I found this suggested book read on another blog and I added it to my list of want to read books.
If your child has a drug or alcohol issue, you may be struggling with questions: What do I do now? Can my marriage and my family survive this? How do we hold it together when everything is falling apart? How do we help our child without wiping ourselves out financially? Do we need to create an estate plan with our addicted child in mind? Our child is completing treatment and will be coming home. What do we do now? Our child is in legal trouble-again. Do we let our child face the consequences, or do we step in to help? How do I protect myself while trying to save my child?

Part memoir and part survival manual, The Addicts' Mom tackles these tough questions to help parents cope, survive, and make smart choices through a child's addiction and recovery. Attorney Cassandra Collins combines her legal expertise with her experiences on the roller-coaster, heart-wrenching, learn-as-you-go journey through her own two sons' addictions.

"We thought we were somehow immune from drug addiction. That happened to other families. We were just dealing with a rebellious teen. It would pass. We could handle it. Sometimes the greatest issues in life aren't brought on by the wrong answers, but in the questions we don't face or ask ourselves."

Practical, straightforward, and honest, The Addicts' Mom takes on the tough issues of addiction-from treatment options, codependency, family dynamics, and the recovery process. It also provides useful advice and a comprehensive list of resources to help families wade through the legal and financial issues that often come with addiction. Above all else, The Addicts' Mom is written by a mom-a mom who survived her journey through her sons' addiction and came out on the other side. It is her hope that her experiences can help ease the pain of addiction for other families.

The Addict's Mom is available on Amazon for Kindle and in Paper Back or you may also visit the authors website at The Addicts' Mom: A Survival Guide

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