Friday, February 17, 2017

I Am An Addicts Mom

I am part of a club. I wouldn't necessarily call it an elite club by any means. It certainly isn't a club that any of you would like to be part of. There are thousands of us all over the United States and abroad. I wasn't brought into this club as any choice of mine, but still the same here I am.

In case you are wondering what club I am speaking about, I am known to many as an Addicts Mom.

Last April I invited others here- parents, mothers, sisters, and brothers, grandparents and
friends of those suffering from addiction to come out and join me at the crossroads.

I stepped way outside of my comfort zone to do that. I am not one for public speaking or standing in the spotlight. I was tired. I was afraid. I was searching for some answers and offering up some help and with the promise that we will walk this together.  Standing with me that day were several other mothers, parents, friends, sisters and relatives.

Today a year later we are still together in this. A few of us have found recovery; others still struggling. We don't give up on each other. We are The Addicts Mom.

Although apparently frowned upon now by some, YES we meet in church basements to share our stories and to talk with others who share our pain.

Many of us who meet in church basements are not just moms. Many who meet are friends, parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers and spouses. We are held together by a special bond. We are all affected by this and we all love someone who suffers from an addiction drugs.

YES some of us who meet in the church basements are walking those STEPS.

Many of us have gotten to that place where we can no longer deny and if but just to save a little piece of ourselves, and gain just a little peace and serenity even if it is only Just For Today, that is what we will do.

Those STEPS for some of us is the only way to save ourselves from the insanity of loving an addict. Those STEPS for many is how we get from today to tomorrow. Those STEPS have brought some of us closer to our Higher Power. To many of us, those STEPS are very important.

Some of us have learned to accept and admitted that we didn't cause this, we cannot fix this and we sure as heck cannot control the addicts that we love. If there is one thing we deserve it is just a little happiness and yes, that might only be just for today!

We wish not one other parent, relative or friend ever had to go through this pain of loving an addict or ever knew what we on this side knows about when someone you love suffers from an addiction.

Many who read here are part of the silent majority who remain in the stigma of the disease. They too love someone who uses and abuses drugs.

If you live close by to Martinsburg, WV or Berkeley County, WV I invite you today to meet us in the church basement. We meet in the church basement every Sunday at 6 PM at Trinity United Methodist Church here in Martinsburg. The address is 220 W. Martin St. You may not feel like being there, but you will be glad that you came. The STEPS are optional!

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  1. Oh! If it were not for the basement at the Church...I would still be bottled up, sad and alone. However,with all of the loving, although hurting people that show up over and over in search of support and understanding...upon arriving, you just KNOW you've finally found the love, support and HOPE that you KNEW was there, just didn't know where to find it!

    1. Lisa OMGosh I know!!!! Had it not been for those who met me at the crossroads and Had it not been for the church basement we too would still be standing... alone. I need that church basement more than anything this week. Thank you for reading.