Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Up For Discussion: Why Do They Have to Say They Are Suicidal First?

Today's Up For Discussion Post is a question I have heard for months now. Someone suffering the disease of addiction wants help, they are already on that step, yet in order to get the help and a bed in a treatment center, they have to tell the crisis team that they are suicidal.


People are so desperate for help whether or not they are suicidal that is what they are saying to get the help.

No one should have to forced into saying they are if they are only seeking help for their addiction, should they?

Say you are having a heart attack. You get to the hospital and in order for them to treat you, you have to say "the pain is so unbearable I am going to kill myself" in order for triage to start. Does that sound stupid? Well, then why is it different forcing someone suffering addiction, to say that?

A few have been known to try to detox and they are in withdrawal so yes, they are undoubtedly in severe pain at the time they reach out to the crisis team.

In My Opinion: This will now place yet one other stigma on those who want to get help for their addiction. They are now categorized into the file of, suicidal.

Here is how I see that playing out. Years down the road after the person is treated and living life recovered say they call 9-1-1 to report someone breaking into their home. BUT they are also now labeled with "being suicidal in the past." How will this workout? What will be the outcome?

Why does it feel like everything in this lifetime is now about, "Lists"? Why does this all sound like an old Christmas song, "They are making a list? They are checking it twice. They already know who is naughty or nice"...

I am just wondering about your feelings and opinion on this.

Should someone who suffer's the disease of addiction have to say, "I am suicidal" before receiving help and treatment?

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