Saturday, February 25, 2017

Challenge Myself: Day #195 Itemize Job Tasks You Love Doing

Today is Day #195 of the Just For Today Challenge. I am also integrating the Live Happy into my daily Challenge. The Live Happy Challenge for today tells us to itemize for our boss and managers the tasks we love doing.

The book says,

Do you love pulling together data for your company's due diligence binders, working on payroll and reconciling the bank statements, writing press releases, researching, or working on the company website?

Let your boss know what tasks you especially like. It's possible that just by letting your preferences be known that you will get more or that kind of work. And if you really like doing those tasks, you are probably happier and enthusiastic while at work.

Those feelings can spread around the office. Just imagine if everyone is doing what they most like to do. Start an "I love my job" campaign. Get everyone on board.

For all of us at our workplaces there are job tasks assigned that some of love and those that we don't particularly like doing. None of my departments job tasks involve those in the challenge, but I know what the challenge is asking. Put the jobs we love doing in order.

For the past month they have been rotating us around so that none of us get stuck doing the same task each and everyday. I think it's working out like that.

Just For Today: I will make a list of the job tasks in order and at the next one on one meeting will present them to my manager.

From the Book: Live Happy

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