Sunday, February 5, 2017

Tomorrow Is Another Big A-Z Reveal

Tomorrow is another big day as it will bring another April A-Z reveal post. Excited?

So, this week as I've reached out to others and I know many don't understand what the big hoopla for this blog challenge is all about. I am excited and those I've reached out to are no doubt thinking I have totally lost it.

What is it?

First, this challenge brings thousands of bloggers together in a great big way. It's a great way to connect with blogs we didn't know about and find blogs with topics of interest to us.

Now, that said each day in April we are challenged to blog a post with a topic relevant to each letter of the alphabet hence A-Z. The only days we will not blog is Sunday.

Now, there will be a day that we reveal our theme of the posts we will be blogging in April, but I guess if you read here you can guess what my theme will be about, huh?

Too many of us in the blogging community, the April A-Z Blog Challenge is a big deal. My first priority is to you who are committed to reading here to bring you some informative posts in April. Some of the information I am sure you already know.

This year what I hope is that I can connect with other bloggers who are participating in the challenge too. I know there will be many who don't understand and that is okay.

If you are new to reading this blog please know that there are many of us who love someone suffering with addiction. In this town to heroin, opioids and other drugs. Many of my readers still linger in the stigma that this addiction causes. This stigma is a lonely place to be. I know. I lived there for a few years myself. I lost touch with everything. I lost my way. The biggest thing to me that I lost is my laughter.

I hope that other bloggers will connect with The Chronicles of Loving a Heroin Addict and join the "Judgement Free Zone." This zone isn't just for other bloggers. You can join even if you don't blog. It is just another way of connecting with this blog. To do this, just click on FOLLOW on the sidebar.

Thank you for reading!

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