Monday, February 6, 2017

Up For Discussion: Our Local Groups Need To Stay Focused

I haven't posted an Up For Discussion Post in awhile. Today I decided to post one because our local groups are losing their focus. They seem to have lost the real purpose we decided to raise our voice here.

So, I wanted to explain a little. Lately, in Facebook messages, I have been receiving a lot of messages relating to political unrest among friends.

First let me say, yes there is a politicalness to this heroin
epidemic, but the means to correctly address it is not relating to any message that certain groups involved in this locally are sending out to me.

I believe that many of our local groups are losing focus. Our heroin epidemic here has nothing to do with which life matters and which doesn't. All lives matter in this epidemic. Heroin doesn't discriminate. It continues to take lives while groups are focusing their attention away from this. Heroin will take everyone. Heroin doesn't care.

Those who back in October asked me for my son's phone number to stay in contact with him for other reasons please know the videos that you are sending him in no way helps him in his daily recovery.

To those groups, I say that nothing you are doing right now relates to the very purpose of April 24, 2016. Some of the messages you are sending out I wonder now where you true alliances are?

When I message another and ask the date of a meetup being planned and receive back an Anti-Trump video as a response- YES We have a problem, Houston!

I would like those to know that unless it relates directly to our heroin epidemic here I will not post videos about the Vagina Masquerade on Washington. As a matter of fact, where were the marches from the mothers and parent whose children suffer the disease of addiction? Where were the marches from the mothers and parents whose children have died from the disease of addiction?

Locally I wonder just what it would look like if we all put our attention locally back to this heroin epidemic and away from all the other unrelated things dealing with this heroin epidemic. And back ways from who did or who did not get President of the United States? Or all the political nonsense that is totally unrelated to this heroin epidemic?

So, what do you think? Do you feel our local groups in this fight against this heroin epidemic here are losing focus?

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