Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Promote Happiness In Your Workplace

The Challenges on Finding Happiness Pursuing Your Dreams have come to an end. Were you able to connect with any of the challenges? Have you tried any suggestions offered? What did you like or dislike from the suggestions given?

The next set of Challenges is about Promoting Happiness in the Workplace. Personally I think we can all use some help and suggestions on that subject, can't we?

For many of us we have to work to provide for our home and our families. Everyday life is a struggle balancing our homes, our budgets, our checkbooks and meeting our over all needs is stressful. Our workplace should bring us just a bit of happiness, peace and joy but in too many environments it doesn't happen like that.

I like my job. I like those I work with. I think we are a great team. I hope to find some challenges over the coming days to help me everyday at my job, even if it is just to smile.

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