Sunday, February 12, 2017

The April A-Z Blogging Challenge Update

This year the April A-Z Blogging Challenge will most definitely be a challenge to a lot of us. The challenge this year isn't in just trying to figure out something to write about for each letter of the alphabet. The challenge this year without a link list is writing out the post, going each day to the appropriate page and posting the link. Afterwards going through all the comments of links to visit posts.

This year it was announced no link list prior to the challenge.

With no link list prior to the day of the challenge there will only be ten days from the date of the Theme Reveal which will be March 20th to the start of the challenge in which to find others who blog and those blogs we can connect with common interests.

My reason for doing this challenge:
  1. To gain some blog exposure to this blog.
  2. The challenge itself and goal setting.
  3. The challenge of writing each day a topic relevant to each letter of Alphabet.
  4. The challenge in the month of April of finding other blogs and other blogs which share a common interest.
  5. I challenge myself to find 10 new blogs each day to read.
I challenge those who blog during the April Challenge to do the same. If you have a blog will you be entering the April Blogging Challenge? If so, leave a comment with your link.

If you blog and you haven't heard of this challenge, stop by their page @ Blogging From A-Z April Blog Challenge for more information.

Thanks for visiting and reading.

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