Monday, August 1, 2016

A Battle Rages On

When our son chose to go to Huntington a few weeks ago we knew that even this was not a magical quick fix for healing. We knew the road was going to be long. We knew that this road to recovery would be full of ups and downs while he battled the demons of addiction.

I try to protect my kids from what others in this family say or think.

I worry too much about what my family (and others) opinions.

I hate that others opinions make us and our addict feel inadequate.

I find myself worrying so much about others opinions about the mistakes and choices that our addict made.

They make me feel humiliated.

I wonder, Why? Why do I care so much about others opinions of us? Why do I let what other think or say bother me so much?

I feel very overwhelmed right now. To the point that it feels almost as if a spiritual warfare is raging in our lives and our home.

It is hard to do a cleaning out because of a grandson who goes right behind me tearing everything out I've put away.

I have blessed and smudged each room of my home until I ran out of sage.

What is this heavy negativity that hangs around?

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