Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Meetup: The Gateway To The Heroin Highway

Mr. James Boyd a local advocate against this heroin epidemic here in Martinsburg, West Virginia will be hosting an event here in Martinsburg on Saturday September 17th at 2:30 PM. This event will take place on the overpass to I-81 at the King St. Bridge. This bridge overlooks what has been dubbed as the Heroin Highway here in Berkeley County and Martinsburg, West Virginia.

James is requesting that all who can attend please come out and show support.

James says:
"We must form a battle line that stretches horizontal across the nation linking all cities and States.. Shoulder to Shoulder across America and expose the gateways of traffickers who transport deadly illegal drugs into our communities that is killing our families.
I am planning a shoulder to shoulder event near interstate 81 in Martinsburg WV. We will post a photo of all in attendance as we stand in solidarity. I am going to invite every citizen in every State to do the same on the same day at the same time.
Our heroin highway needs to be shut down, not literally, but exposed in such a way that gets everyone on the same page. Social media is a great tool that will manifest itself into continuity when used for this war on drugs.
Death and Heroin are synonymous with the lifestyle of addiction and the war on drugs. We can stand at the gate of the entrance way and shine the bright light of no entry into our states and communities across this country.
On the Interstate 81 in Martinsburg WV, King St overpass I will be hosting a no access shoulder to shoulder picture taking vigil that sends a message across the country that we stand on the watch with law enforcement to deny access to those who deliver death and heroin to our State.
"The most important thing in our fight against drug addiction is taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well."
 We fight and highlight. Bring your battle cry.
Not one more should die!
Stand with me as we highlight and demand solidarity in this fight against heroin
More particulars for this event will be discussed at a later date. There will be Media pages created just for this weapon against the travel routes of this deadly product of misery."

‬ Mr. and Mrs. James Boyd came to West by God Virginia thirteen years ago. He says, Rumor has it that there is magic in the ground with all this beautiful land and green pastures, then the drug epidemic surfaced and its covering the soil with poisoned blood. The magic is still there and I intend to clear away the dross, till the soil, root out the bitterness, scrape away the call us, and plant the dynamics of education and equality, clear out the weeds of addiction and poverty so the magic can see the sun of a new day.

Stand with me in this place of magic.. Sept. 17,2016 @ 2:30 pm
King st.. Overpass where interstate 81 bears witness to the traffic of heroin into our magic State.

Mr. James Boyd's message to all is a clear message...


write up and pic belong to © 2016 James Boyd


  1. What a beautiful message he's spreading. I hope it's heard loud and strong.

    1. Elsie I agree! James is a loud voice here against this heroin epidemic in our community and a real asset to those of us on this side of the addiction!