Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Love The Addict Not The Addiction: Unconditional Love

This was shared today on Facebook. If you love someone who is using and abusing this drug you know the shame and stigma that others place on your family.

We've been there before. Very early it is denial until you just cannot deny it anymore. Then you move onto other things trying to control the addiction. Hoping you can fix your loved one who is so broken by this addiction.

It is a terrible and lonely place to be.

I do not expect my family or friends to know exactly what it feels like to love someone so broken in this addiction that they cannot see there is a light.

We know the shame that we go through. We've heard the terrible things, the name calling and mainly from those who say they love us.

This is my family. We suffer right along with our son as we watch him struggle and we are powerless.

I will no longer allow anyone that much power over me again.

If you say you love us and you don't- I will not care.

If you say you care about us and you don't- I will not care.

We are already powerless over heroin and this addiction and what it has done to our son. I just cannot allow those who do not understand the power to make me feel so broken inside anymore.

pic from: Someone's Child

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