Thursday, August 11, 2016

Just For Today

I rely on holistic practice and natural remedies for a lot of things. I prefer the all natural means and methods for healing and over all wellbeing.

Just for today I thank God for Dr. Bach's Rescue Remedy and his all natural stress reliever. It doesn't make those I do not wish to talk to at the moment go away. They are still trying to contact me through Facebook, but oh Lord does it relieve the stress! It helps center my Chi and brings a sense of restoring balance back into my life again.

Today I am sipping on Yogi's Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy Tea listening to my Moodscape music. The quiet flute of the song, Dove by Bjorn Melander from the Album Eden. My Bible open to Psalm 109. I am reminded in this Psalm about the Plea for Judgement of the False Accusers.

My pressure canner tapping away on the stove top with fresh tomatoes canned for the season. The droughty type weather pattern has left my tomato plants drying at the bottom but they are still yielding fruit.

Today my oils are a sweet combination of Rosemary, mint, Lavender and Lemon Grass.

Life is grand and peaceful at this very moment! Just for today I wish it would stand still right here in the now!

Thank you Dr. Bach for your Rescue Remedy and Flower Essences!!!

Someone sent me the Lessons Learned In Life When You Are Struggling. Great reminders!!!!

pic from Facebook Mystical, Magical and the Zodiac

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