Monday, August 29, 2016

Challenge Myself: Day #72 The Family Historian II

Today is Day #72 of our Nar Anon Group Just For Today Challenge. I am also integrating the Live Happy into my Challenge. The Live Happy Challenge for today is to make video record of older family members sharing memories.

Now if you've chosen your family historian or you yourself want to take on the challenge of this part there are so many ideas. From scrapbooks, to albums and now to video recording all of your memories!

The book says,

Before a parents, grandparents, great aunt or uncle gets any older, ask him or her to join you for a videotaped chat. Make it informal and begin with easy questions that can serve as points of departure into his story.

When were you born?
What town, village, or city?
What country?
Who were your parents?
What kind of work did they do?
Then ask open-ended questions. Tell me about your earliest memories?
What was life like for you growing up in your town?

Ask questions about certain periods in his/her life such as preadolescent, teen, young adult, middle age and golden years, for example.

Long after they have passed away, you can relive those moments and feel joyful that you took the time to make the video.

I shared in the other part of the Family Historian that this is something I am interested in doing with my father. His father and many relatives were born in a tiny little part of Virginia called, Coal Mine that isn't even on the map. Daddy has many memories of his family who lived there.

There is a family cemetery there on one property that I want to visit as well.

Just For Today: I am feeling Blessed Today that I still have my parents in which to do this challenge.

From the book: Live Happy

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