Sunday, August 7, 2016

Update: Learning Curves

Many times throughout all of these years of loving a child struggling with heroin addiction I have begged God in prayers, 'Why Us?' Hoping the answer would just fall from the sky.

A month ago when we took our son Kyle to Huntington, WV we learned that there is a possibility that he has cancer.

We tried hard to keep this from my parents but so many know it now and we didn't want them learning this from a stranger so we went yesterday to tell them.

I can't understand the why that our son has made his way to what can possibly be the healing grounds and now he has to go through such news.

He has had complaints of pain in his lower back and abdomen area for five years. Last February we learned of some possible kidney problems. No one in the medical field here even listened to the addict that they while they were on the path of self destruction of self medicating that there was a reason for this. No one listened.

I want to scream. I mean we give so much compassion to animals and not to humans- What The Hell!!!!!!! Those who eat meat are harassed by PETA for God's sake.

Right now as it stands there are tests to be done and we do not know.

These trying times are what I call, the learning curves. There are lessons that I'm being taught even when I don't realize. Lessons of family, love and faith.

I ask that you keep our son and our family in your prayers.

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