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Guest Post: The People For A Better Berkeley County

Community Awareness is one very important solution for fighting this heroin epidemic here in Martinsburg and Berkeley County. Community Anti Drug Coalitions are very important. Today I have the honor of bringing you a special guest interview with Steven Grant who heads a local group here in Berkeley County, The People For A Better Berkeley County.

I first heard about this group last week when they gathered and assembled in protest to say,

"We have had enough!"

"We have had enough of the corruption here in Berkeley County and Martinsburg!"

The group recently assembled in protest to say that the local candidate for sheriff, John Orem needs to step down from his run for Sheriff in Berkeley County.

The People For A Better Berkeley County say, 'the residents of Berkeley County deserve a sheriff who will fight corruption' after local candidate for Sheriff John Orem was arrested for possession of heroin earlier this month. Mr. Orem continues to plead his innocence.

Steven tells me,

"The People For A Better Berkeley County was formed to help spread awareness of the heroin epidemic we have here in Martinsburg and Berkeley County West Virginia. In hopes that we can stop the spread of this dangerous drug that is killing our youth.

But the heroin epidemic isn't the only thing we stand up against. We also stand together to stop domestic violence, corruption within our law enforcement agencies, and helping make better environments for our children to play in, and learn in.

Berkeley County is in desperate need of a treatment center, along with support groups that will help rehabilitate addicts so they may live a normal life again.

Local leaders and politicians can help out by seeing that employment opportunities are not denied because of a drug related criminal offence. As most employers conduct background checks and will not hire anyone with a record. Otherwise, the person denied a job because of their background will be forced to go back into the life they are trying to escape.

I feel that by bringing guest speakers to our schools to help educate the youth will help stop the spread of the epidemic.

Facebook groups are great, but having support groups would be better. That way the person needing support can talk to someone face to face and have a way out of the environment they wish to be away from. Sort of like the big brother and big sister program.

Having narcotics checkpoints was another idea. Stopping the trafficking of illegal narcotics is a must."

The Facebook page for The People For A Better Berkeley County continues to grow and has roughly already over eight thousand showing support for this group. Martinsburg and Berkeley County needs more community awareness and Steven's group is committed to bringing the awareness needed to our community.

If you are interested in reading more about this group or to show your support, stop by their page at The People For A Better Berkeley County and like their page!

Thank you, Steven for this interview. I love what your group stands for and stands up against!

the pic used here belongs to: The People For A Better Berkeley County
Interview for this post by: Steven Grant

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