Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Build A Strong Happy Relationship

I found an interesting article to go along with this section of the Live Happy Challenge on Building Happy Relationships.

Ten Ways To Build a Strong Relationship My children often say that they wish they had a perfect relationship like ours.

We are far from perfect. We are just the ordinary couple sticking together in the good times and in the bad times just like the vows we took say we are to do.

We are just the ordinary often dysfunctional family trying to hold it all together. We fight amongst us, get mad and argue but we make our way
back. We are not afraid to say "I'm sorry" if we've done something wrong. We forgive.

We are a family who has battled the stings of addiction. Instead of pushing away, it drew us closer.

We are used to being judged harshly by those who say they love us. It's upsetting but it bonds us closer.

Although our kids are all grown up and adults the need to protect has never went away.

We've worked hard all of our lives taking care of each other. We don't have worldly possessions and that's okay. We get by just fine without luxuries. We have each other.


We are not.

We don't expect each other to be perfect.

We've made mistakes a long the way and we owned them.

We respect each others feelings.

We don't belittle each other to push an agenda or to get a point across.

We talk, we cry and we laugh.

When the going gets tough we pray.

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