Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Welcome To The Soapbox

It has been suggested by a reader to do a Soapbox Post each week. What a great idea! I think I will do that as long as I can keep up! Thank you V. for that idea and suggestion!

This week has been an odd sort of week. I haven't had anyone breaking their French tip nails off in an email yet which is odd for my inbox but the week is still early. I thought sure my Up For Discussion post, Do We Need A Treatment Center Here would have sparked a flame. The NIMBY fan club is a fun bunch lurking. Maybe they are on vacation.

That hasn't happened in the comments-yet. but in email yes it does. I sometimes wonder where they are all coming from. But that's for another soapbox post sometime! I've been blogging for about six years now so I am used to it.

I haven't had to reply this week with, "Honey, don't break a nail" and send my Madge Palmolive Meme. Because let me tell you I can often sense those email long before I open the inbox. Those broken nails just pop out at me before I open it.

Then there are the outright flaming emails. The heat singes my hair before the inbox opens up. Yet here I am still posting away! That which people think will knock me to my knees will only make me stronger.

I have found I get those reactions when the conversation has anything relating to a treatment center or rehab here in Martinsburg. I often wonder about the people mailing me saying a treatment center here is controversial?

Controversial? I wish they would explain the controversy behind a treatment center.

I admit I am very passionate about that topic! We need a treatment center here instead of sending our local people with addiction problems to far away places like in the days of shaming.

I will not shut up about it. You know if no one has ever told you, shut up isn't a very nice word. We are all allowed to speak. We are allowed to speak out. We are allowed to speak about the issues.

And even if I did shut up, there are many more here in this town ready to pic up the microphone and stand up on the soapbox and continue speaking out about it. You know it was Coco Chanel who once said,

"In order to be totally irreplaceable, one must always be different."

She also once said,

"You only live once so you might as well be amusing."

I respect that everyone has an opinion. So, none of my posts will ever be about do you know what (fill in any name) just told me? Or use a name and bash someone in a post. THAT I will never do.

The coming weeks are going to be hectic. For one, I start back to work soon. I am excited. I have to work. This blog in no way supports me. I make no money blogging. I do it because this is what I love doing.

Writing for me is an outlet and a release of stress. I carry a small notebook with me all the time. I find I can be standing in line at the grocery store and an idea for a blog post will pop into my head. I quickly write down the ideas in my notebook. I have to write it down because the minute a child goes off on a temper tantrum fit in the grocery store all thought and ideas can be lost at that moment!

I realized a very long time ago that everyone of us has a story to tell whether we realize it or not. This is an outlet for me AND is much cheaper than visits with Dr. Phil.  Okay just joking! I know a lot of you love Dr. Phil.

Thank You for reading!!!

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