Monday, August 22, 2016

A Short Disconnect

We went away again this weekend to take a short disconnect break from reality. I left my camera set on the table this trip. I didn't realize the camera had been forgotten until I wanted to take some pictures.

We had planned several camping trips this year. Life just doesn't always cooperate the way we want it. The first trip was to be Memorial Day Weekend. It rained all weekend so we decided not to go this year in May. We thought we could squeeze a weekend in
during June. Life didn't cooperate. The hubby worked several weekends during June.

June lasted for what felt like five minutes and what seemed like ten minutes later, July was over too. We tried getting away in July and that lasted one evening. We went up to Sleepy Creek and the next morning our phones were going off with Tornado Warnings. We packed and came home.

The hubby took a short vacay from work  this past week and we decided to get away for a few days. I will be returning to work within the next week or two. I have to wait for the background check done each year to come back.

As we fished at the lake on Saturday evening we ran into someone we knew who used to live here in Martinsburg but has since moved from here. We spent about two hours talking. Talking about Martinsburg, this heroin epidemic and the young people who are dying from overdose back here.

Heroin and this epidemic is why our friend moved away from here. He was tired of picking up needles in his yard. He was tired of all of the drug houses in his neighborhood. He was tired of what this drug was doing to so many he knew, so he moved away from here. I can't blame him for leaving.

We didn't miss anything while we were away. Okay maybe a few people in our lives. We learned after coming home about two people who were shot and killed over the weekend. Sad! Is this what we will be facing around here now?

We want to leave here too! Permanently!

Overall it was a great weekend. Connecting with an old friend. We fished. We relaxed. We disconnected from the realities of home, of our son and other children. No phones. No Facebook. No Wifi connections or computers. Just for a few days!

Just nature at it's finest. The woods. The forest. The sounds of the crickets, the whippoorwills an occasional owl or woodpecker and the coyotes that bay at night.

The hubby was off last week. We enjoy each others company and although we only get a week at a time of vacation I cannot wait for the years after retirement. Maybe...

Those years bring about a brand new worry don't they? While we think about our retirement years and social security those in the generation that will be paying into ours is abusing heroin and other drugs, they aren't working. They are out chasing Pokémon's.

Okay, that subject will just get me started again on a rant.

This week I have a special guest post from Debbie Moriano a local counselor on Relationships and Addiction.

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