Sunday, August 21, 2016

Challenge Myself: Day #64 Communicating

Today is Day #64 of our NarAnon Group Just For Today Challenge. I am also integrating the Live Happy into my Challenge. The Live Happy Challenge for today- the next time you don't see eye to eye on a subject, write your significant other a succinct message clarifying your point of view.

The book says,

The next time your spouse tunes a deaf ear to your point of view, try a new strategy. Write him/her a succinctly worded note. Resist the urge to name calling to point out a stubborn streak, or threaten.

Instead, create a lens for him/her to see your position on the subject.

Argue your point without finding fault with him/her as a person. Show respect for the others point of view, but reveal why you've arrived at the opposite conclusion. He or she is not the enemy.

Tackle the problem, not the person, and you may find that the other isn't all that attached to their point of view after all.

Apply the same strategy to talking with the other person and you may find they are listening.

Our boys were all three teens at the same time. I know when they were all home they used to do little things that made me a little mad for instance shaving. They would leave those little hairs all over the place in the bathroom. In the sink, around the sink and on the floor. Tired of cleaning up after them I started leaving post it notes on the bathroom mirror asking they clean up the shaving mess.

Another note I left a lot was one above the kitchen sink that read, "If you are standing here and there are dirty dishes in the sink, please wash them."

When the kids were home we had a rule that nothing was too big to talk to us about. The same applied to us, the grown ups in the home. The hubby and I have always talked. Now, many years ago we worked opposite shifts at work and it was hard. I often left notes for the hubby of Things To Do. We always make time to talk.

Just For Today: Keeping the lines of communication open with my family.

I found a couple websites:

How To: Communicate With Children
Effective Communication With Your Spouse

From the book: Live Happy

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