Monday, August 22, 2016

Recovery Is Possible

I have noticed for several months now that the stats for reading this blog is slowly rising. I often check out the stats as well as keywords. As a blogger these keywords are important to me to look at because it lets me see what readers are searching for here.

One keyword that shows up repetitively and to date tops the search list is
the word Recovery. The next words in line is Recovery Martinsburg, WV as well as Recovery Berkeley County, WV.

What does that tell me?

This tells me that people are searching for recovery from addiction either for themselves or a loved one.

As part of August and Overdose Awareness and Prevention this post seems fitting.

If you are needing help finding treatment here are a few areas on my blog that I have listed for recovery.

1. Remember you can always contact Help4WV at 1-844-435-7498

They can help with a wide variety of services as well as offer you resources.
Their website is @ Help4WV.

2. I have a blog page with information and help on finding recovery @ Treatment and Recovery Assistance

Please Note: I have Treatment Centers and Recovery Houses listed but I haven't checked them out. Please do your homework before going yourself or sending a loved one.

3. Locally, Debbie Hill-Gray helps a lot of families and those struggling with addiction problems. If you are local (Jefferson County, Berkeley County or Morgan County  in West Virginia) contact her @ 304-820-5375. You can also contact Debbie via Facebook at Debbie Hill-Gray. She may be able to offer you some guidance and assistance.

Please, please if you're struggling with the disease of addiction, especially heroin, do not hesitate to call me for help. I've helped many people, almost all are doing excellent now and have their lives back. Please don't become another obituary in the paper. You CAN recover with the proper help. I promise you that 100%! You can recover. I know what centers are good and which are not good. I don't care if you have Medicaid, private health insurance, or no type of coverage at all. I don't care if you don't have a dime in your pocket, I will find you help, and good help. There are several of us who are reaching out to people to get them help, because most people in active addiction don't know where to begin to get well. PLEASE I beg you, get help for your addiction. You can have you life back! I promise! me anytime!
For more information, Visit her page @ Understanding Drug Addiction
4. Our local NarAnon meets each Sunday evening at 6PM at Trinity United Methodist Church on Martin St. in Martinsburg. Tina Burkey Stride and Lisa Melcher can also give you some guidance and have information on various treatment centers.

5. You can always reach out on the BCHEA (Berkeley County Heroin Epidemic and Awareness) Facebook page for help in finding treatment options.

6. Several are advocating locally. They are #don'tstart, #stop and #staystopped.

7. Kevin Knowles is our local Community Recovery Services Coordinator. You can email Kevin @ or feel free to call him Office #: 304-264-1923 for help and assistance.

Remember: Recovery is possible!!!!

If you are assisting locals in our community with help in finding treatment options here in West Virginia and wish to be listed, please email me at:

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