Friday, August 5, 2016

Today I Am Grateful For the Clouds

Each day we have reminders of this heroin epidemic of just how ugly heroin is. Just how ugly this addiction can be as it destroys lives.

Ugly as in hearing overdoses happening around us.

Ugly as in hearing yet another life is lost to overdose, addiction and heroin. In this I can find beauty if only in my backyard.

I never have to go far to find it.

Today it is the beauty of a hummingbird moth visiting my butterfly bush.

Today I am grateful for the clouds in the sky.

Clouds don't make a sound as they pass us by.

They remind us that at times some rain must fall.

They do remind us that the sun will shine again.

They remind us when they all come together- clouds, the rain and sunshine- that a rainbow will form.

At the end of the rainbow is a promise of a pot of gold!

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