Friday, August 5, 2016

Statement Released From BC Sheriff Candidate

This is the statement released by candidate for Berkeley County Sheriff, John Orem regarding his recent arrest for possession of heroin:

His statement From the Facebook Page of John Orem for Berkeley County Sheriff:
"My thanks and gratitude to those that know me and are standing up for me.
I almost feel the need to apologize for this.. an inconvenient truth, and I know the statement falls short in answering the sensational speculation previously commented on in-depth with a ferocity throughout this page.
The simple truth is some people who take medications have adverse reactions from time to time especially when sick. Far be it for me to try to change those who choose to believe in the dramatic or the destructive explanations for everything and I am sure my statement will do little to change a predisposed opinion.
Having dealt with many addicts over many years, during my time as a police officer and as a bondsman. I have yet too meet one that works 12 to 16 hours a day, goes to church every week and then spends all free time with his family and friends, runs for political office and operates multiple businesses. If that were even possible using heroin would not be a bad thing... FYI, nothing about my life would fit a heroin addict's profile, period.
Honestly, it sounds ridiculous that illegal drug use would even be considered when referring to me. So before you throw too many stones, before you drag me to the highest tree for a public lynching, have the common decency to consider for a moment the possibility that what I am saying is true. I do apologize to all for this distraction to the election process, it was not my intention to have a medical emergency. I will not be able to discuss this any further till it has been through the court system. Thank you!"

I personally didn't vote for him for sheriff and I probably would not have voted for him in the general election for personal reasons.

We on this side of the addiction know that heroin does not discriminate. It doesn't pick republican or democrat as I continue to read others statements. It doesn't pick on those who run for office and those who do not.

Heroin is Heroin just like addiction is addiction. There is no black, white or colors. There is no in between.

I personally was hoping his statement would have at least admitted that he has a problem and then tell us the general public what his plans were to correct the problem.

Instead he categorized and profiled heroin, those addicted and this addiction into functioning and non functioning. We all know most can function until they no longer can.

Profiling this makes me feel that you are better than our family. Your addiction is better than our sons addiction. Addiction is addiction.

Just because one can function and others cannot doesn't mean nor give power over the good or the bad of this drug.

How many do we know whose addiction first started with prescription drugs and prescription drug abuse? Raise your hand!!!! My own sons relapse occurred because of prescription drugs.

This should be that blinking light that speaks loudly that his life has become unmanageable with his addiction.

Those in politics and running for office hold to a higher standard. They should be able to walk the walk and practice what they preach. Many of those in the political playing field have admitted to prior drug use and abuse- both sides of the ticket- democrat and republican.

This post isn't about them. This post is neither democrat nor republican. This post however is a reminder that heroin doesn't discriminate. This post shows that maybe those on political tickets should be taking drug tests just like we Americans have to do for our jobs.

I the mother of an addict can see that he is in denial. I refuse to join in on the witch hunt against him. We too have been dealing with shame and stigma right inside our family. Instead, I will pray for Mr. Orem and for his family.

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