Friday, August 5, 2016

Above The Law: Conditional Discharge Law

The past few days Facebook has been filled with stories, posts and memes about the Republican Nominee for Sheriff, John Orem who has been charged with possession of heroin.

In reading a story written by Jafari Tishomingo from Counter Current News I am left with nothing but questions now. The story points out possibly a not known fact of the law as I for one knew nothing about this law West Virginia Code 60A-4-407 and I wonder about others.

The story from Counter Current News states:
"In West Virginia they have a “Conditional Discharge” Law, a Conditional discharge works by ordering the accused to a period of probation before trial date. The court proceedings are deferred during this period. If you complete the probation, the charges against you will be dismissed. Six months later, you can move to have all records expunged
Oren can receive no jail time and has the ability for everything to just disappear.
One question we have to ask ourselves is if this “Conditional Discharge” law is afforded to everyone or is it at the discretion of the presiding judge?
Were other West Virginian Heroin addicts afforded the same kind of leniency? Or is this another case of the state looking out for their own?"

I agree because I have a real problem when people are above the law of everyone else in this town. Will this case like others play out as to those who are above the law? Why exactly haven't others been afforded this leniency of the law?

 West Virginia Code 60A-4-407

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