Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Up For Discussion: Do We Need A Treatment Center/ Rehab In Berkeley County?

Several readers have emailed me in the past weeks asking about the Recovery Resource Center here in Martinsburg, West Virginia in which Councilman Kevin Knowles was appointed Community Recovery Resource Coordinator several months ago.

Readers are asking and wondering when this will open to the public.

The Resource Center will be located in the same building in which county tax payers go to pay their taxes. On the first floor of 400 W. Stephen St in Martinsburg, WV

Some of you may already know that the hubby and I was invited and was given a special tour of the center several months ago. It was still in the early stages of...
construction at that time. I am excited for it's opening to see what services will be available to our locals who are struggling with addiction problems.

Kevin Knowles our Community Recovery Resources Coordinator recently told reporter Nina Kapur of WHAG News:
"In a county of only 110,000, there have been 345 overdoses in the past seven months. Overdoses include those resulting from alcohol, pills, tainted marijuana, and other drugs.
Forty-five of these heroin overdoses resulted in death.
Councilman Knowles told reporter Nina Kapur that if this trend continues we are looking at 70-80 plus overdose related deaths by the end of 2016 here in the county."
To those readers who live in other states in the USA and those readers in other countries these numbers probably seem low to you. There are approximately 110,000 people living in Berkeley County. When these numbers are compared to the national average per capita they are high.

I ask you, What is your response to the latest numbers out? Do we need a treatment center here in Martinsburg or Berkeley County?

My question up for discussion today is based on the new numbers that are out relating to our local heroin epidemic...

Do We Need A Treatment Center And Rehab Here in Martinsburg or Berkeley County?

If you answer YES, please tell me why this facility is needed here in the county.

If you answer NO, please tell me why you feel this facility is not needed here in the county.

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To those readers who have emailed me:
I reached out to the coordinator, Kevin Knowles with your questions and invited him to what I hope will be guest post here on my blog.

The Heroin Epidemic in Martinsburg

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  1. Yes & No. We don't necessarily need one here but we need one (or more) in the vicinity. Why is it that treatment centers are popping up everywhere except here? In Winchester there are two. Treatment Center Marketers are always coming here to pitch their centers but no private company is coming Here to build one. Please ask you officials WHY IS IT? It is that WV insurance is to high, that we have to many restrictions/regulations, that we are not business friendly? So instead, we sit patiently by while our children die and depend on the government to fix this for us.
    P.S. Some addicts do not want local treatment for fear of being with people they used with (it's a trigger).

    1. Thank you anonymous for your comment on this discussion

  2. Here are a few responses I got in email from readers (I Won't Post Names)

    **Something has to be done to save our kids and this facility is needed in Berkley County and every state needs one. Please build this facility to help save our kids. They can't do it alone.

    **I'm tired our watching our children die! Stop bickering amongst each other! Give us help! Give us a rehab! No more time to waste!

    **We need help and a place to provide recovery to those suffering from addiction. They should not be left out in the streets alone to die.

  3. Many thanks to those who have read this and to those who have reached out to me about this discussion in email.